The Host

Location: 670 Highway 7 E Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P2

This restaurant was a very fancy, upscale restaurant that expected reservations before coming in. It was quite packed inside, and very loud. Although, after our orders were taken the service was very fast. The inside of the restaurant was completely Indian themes, there were sculptures everywhere, the doors looked like old, rustic, Indian home doors. The waiters outfits were also very nice, they were wearing shalwar kurtas, which are a loose fitting, long top and trousers.

The Host had many options for Biryani: chicken, meat, fish, shrimp and vegetable. Our choice of Biryani was vegetarian biryani.

The Biryani was beautifully presented, on the plate the Biryani was elevated and around the perimeter all the vegetables could be seen. The Biryani was garnished with nuts and mint leaves. It also came with yogurt on the side, but this Biryani was not that spicy.


IMG_3458 IMG_3456

They did not use Shaan masala, the spices used were from India, to give it an authentic taste.


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