Greetings! This website is a collaborative effort of Yoser Alarashi, Karima Ahmed and Shumaila Dhirani (see “contact us” tab) for the HISD71 class entitled Culinary Ethnography at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus.

After finding interest in the variations of types of Biryani between regions and countries, the trio decided to complete research on the potential origins or authenticity of modern day biryani. As a result, four sections have been developed in seeking multiple interpretations of biryani through commercial use, oral history interviews of those who cook biryani at home as well as visits to local restaurants in the Greater Toronto area who served biryani. If you’re still interested, check out the above tabs for further details!

BUT, before you go there, below are two maps that you don’t want to miss.

Map A displays a combination of commercial, home-cooked and restaurant biryani that are available through regions across India and Pakistan. Check out the variety!

Spread out



MAP B contrasts MAP A in a way that shows that several of the diasporic people living in or owning restaurants that serve biryani in the Greater Toronto Area. Check it out, they are not too far from our University campus! These individuals have migrated from either India or Pakistan.





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